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Settling the Hard-Fought Case

John W. Dreste, Thomas K. O’Gara, March 2014

The modern General Indemnity Agreement (GIA) eliminates, or at least mitigates, many common law defenses to indemnity, but indemnity efforts still meet arguments of “bad faith” or reasonableness or both. Read more…

Has Common Sense Finally Prevailed?

John W. Dreste, Fall 2013

With little fanfare, the New York State Court of Appeals has unanimously decreed that a newly refined, three-prong test must be applied to determine whether a particular project is subject to prevailing wage requirements in New York State. Read more…

Contractors Beware: The King Can Always Sue You

Timothy D. Boldt, Fall 2013

If you are considering a contract with the state of Connecticut (or just about any other state), stop before you sign, and make sure you understand the meaning of “Nullum tempus occurrit regi,” an ancient common law rule which means no time runs against the king. Read more…