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A significant portion of Ernstrom & Dreste, LLP’s practice includes the direct representation of sureties. Our experience most often involves contract surety bonds, including performance and payment bond claims on both public and private projects, and includes the negotiation of surety agreements, analyzing and managing surety risks, and litigating surety claims.  E&D, LLP attorneys are also experienced in appeal bonds, guardianship bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds and other miscellaneous bonds.

E&D’s practice includes representing surety clients:

  • On contract surety bond claims asserted by public owners, private owners and by general contractors on subcontractor performance bonds;
  • Handling performance bond defaults, including assisting surety claims professionals investigating defaults and negotiating completion arrangements such as tender agreements and take over agreements;
  • Litigating disputes arising from bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds and discharge of mechanic’s liens bonds and other surety bonds;
  • On co-surety obligations and reinsurance cut-through obligations;
  • With respect to guardianship bonds, probate bonds, appeal bonds, motor vehicle dealers bonds and other miscellaneous bonds;
  • In connection with the surety’s right to indemnity, subrogation and salvage.